Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has appointed Juan Ramón Miguélez as a panelist to participate in the Genetic Engineering Learning Process.

The works of the panel are commencing for the phase one of a proposed two-phase multi-year learning process on genetic engineering (GE) in forestry outside of FSC-certified area. FSC will be supported by panelist to develop a participation framework for developing research projects in learning about genetic engineering:

  • GE technology including potentials and risks
  • Governance to enable stakeholder involvement in social development
  • Environmental and social impact assessment and risk management
  • Shared value creation

The panel of experts will have three tasks in the coming period:

1. To develop a participation framework for the learning project outside of FSC certified areas, including rigorous safeguarding, risk management, shared value creation and appropriate governance systems, including measures to minimize cost to FSC while avoiding conflicts of interest.

2. To be the contact point regarding questions related to the participation framework for certificate holders and research institutions that are developing specific proposals for participation in the learning project.

3.  If the participation framework is accepted, they would also be asked to assess the final proposals from certificate holders and research institutions for participation in the multi-year learning project and provide recommendations for the Board’s decision on the proposals.

Delta Increase, through the participation of Juan Ramón Miguélez, will be adding value to this process by providing expert advice on environmental and social impacts risks and opportunities, a risk and opportunity approach to identify scenarios, and out-of-the-box thinking.

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