Delta Increase signed a Joint Venture Agreement with The Abrahamic Business Circle

Dr Raphael Nagel, Chairman of the Abrahamic Business Circle, and Dr María José García, Senior Partner of Delta Increase

Delta Increase participated between the 28th and 29th of March in the Let Money Talk event organized in Dubai by The Abrahamic Business Circle. At that event, María José García gave a presentation about ESG titled Compass for Navigating ESG Waters that was very well received generating interesting conversations during the networking activity.

The event was a fantastic opportunity to announce the joint-venture agreement between The Abrahamic Business Circle and Delta Increase. The Abrahamic Business Circle (ABC) is an exclusive Private Members Network focused on promoting global economic diplomacy through investments. ABC is composed of Private Investors, Entrepreneurs, UHNWI, Royal Families, Corporates, and Diplomats. ABC is a strategic partner for investors and companies to unlock doors to new markets, conduct in-depth market research, and provide strategic advisory and innovative financing solutions. ABC offers fee / equity based tailored services to establish solid routes to primarily increase business growth and create positive triple sustainable results.

The joint venture will provide advice to investors, private companies and several governments in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America to face the new challenges for a sustainable future that provides for the population’s total economic, social, and environmentally friendly programs.

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